Workout Band Pack (2)
Workout Band Pack (2)

Workout Band Pack (2)

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Pair our most popular black band with your favorite color band!

Black Band (Heavy): 30-35 lbs of resistance.

Available in: S/M

Pink and Teal Band (Medium): 20-25 lbs of resistance.

Available in: S/M or L/XL

Material: Cotton, Latex

The Iron Babe (IB) Booty/Hip Band is a great on-the-go training tool.

Non-slip grip on inner layer of the Booty band. Helps prevent hip band from slipping or rolling during your workout.

- Can be used in various ways, such as activation for hips and glutes prior to training or simply taking your glute workout to the next level.

- Will help gain strength, improve technique and performance.

- Max out your workouts by adding the band during these exercises; (squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts and hip abductors). Keeping the knees pushed out creating tension on the band during exercises.